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Welcome to my website. Its immediate purpose is to tell you about my new book, Roads Less Traveled: Visionary New England Lives. You'll find excerpts from the book, ordering information, and a list of upcoming appearances and talks. I'll also be adding other writings and material and -- who knows? -- maybe even podcasts. Yep, building a bridge to the 21st Century, for sure. 

If my name rings a bell, you might be thinking of somebody else. There are a lot of John Walterses out there, including President Bush's drug czar, a prominent sportswriter, a British music writer, a British IT consultant, a dead British radio personality*, and a pro wrestler who fights under the name Hurricane John Walters. And a B&B in Denver, Colorado. 

*True story: the first time I ever Googled my own name, the first hit was "Broadcaster John Walters Dies." Bit of a shock, as I was working in radio at the time. After a moment of existential doubt, I checked my pulse and carried on.   

I am none of those people. I'm a freelance writer and editor, and a longtime radio personality. I was the host/creator of The Front Porch, a daily interview show that aired on New Hampshire Public Radio. I've also worked at Michigan Radio (the University of Michigan's public radio service), and at WAAM Radio in Ann Arbor. I'm a graduate of the University of Michigan.  I live in Montpelier, Vermont, with my wife Evan Eyler, a house rabbit, two cockatiels, and several zebra finches. Local residents may remember me from a two-year stint as Managing Editor of The Bridge, a Montpelier-based community newspaper. I also, under a pen name, contribute to Green Mountain Daily, a political analysis/commentary group blog of the liberal persuasion.