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Roads Less Traveled is a collection of life stories -- the stories of some truly extraordinary people. These are stories of talent, dedication, and persistence; of devotion to an art, a craft, or a cause; or simply of a life well lived. These people have truly taken roads less traveled -- indeed, they have forged their own paths through life.  

Hence the subtitle, Visionary New England Lives.  These people are not necessarily "visionaries" in the global or religious sense; they simply have their own vision for what they want to do, and how they want to live. Some have achieved fame or fortune in the process; others have persisted through years of struggle. For all of them, the pursuit, the vision, is more important than the reward. 

I hope you will find these stories entertaining, informative, and inspiring. In them, you can get a sense of the possibilities of human intelligence, creativity, and spirit; and perhaps you'll be encouraged to pursue your own Road Less Traveled.  


Over the last decade, I've spent much of my time telling life stories of interesting people. And the more I do it, the more people I find. To read an essay on this subject, click here

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